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Resume for Master's Degree

How Do I Mention Write An Abandoned/Unfinished Master's Degree
In My Resume?

  1. You left your masterísprogram in the middle of semester


  1. Left your job to continue your masterís studies


  1. Re-joined the semester after a year’s break.


  1. Want to apply for a part time job while studying a masterís degree course.


Any other problem that is making it difficult for you to write your resume for masterís degree. Such problems seem to be never-ending but there is a solution to everythingÖ You can state your unfinished degree in your masterís student resume through various ways:

Method # 1:

Graduate University, Advanced General Studies, 2009-2010

It is, but, obvious that you can’t state all the details in your resume, so let the employer ask you what is about 2009-2010 case.

Method # 2:

2009-2010: Graduate coursework, Department name, Graduate University(Withdrawn in good standing)

The 'withdrawn in good standing' part (if true) is very important: it indicates that you left willingly rather than flunked out.

Method # 3:

Candidate, Degree – University – Location (scheduled completion 2011)

Candidate, Degree – University – Location (Expected 2011)

September 2006 - Present. University Name. Working on Associate degree in Information Technology. Current GPA: 3.5

This method is best when you want to do a part time job while completing your degree.

Use The Above-mentioned Methods In Your Masterís Candidate Resume As Per Your Need And Situation!

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