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Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Student Resume Writing

Our Expert Resume Writers Will Answer The Ten Biggest First-Time Resume Writer’s
Concerns, Compiled After A Careful Research.

I am a first time college student resume writer and I don’t know…

Question # 1

What should I write in my resume since I have no work experience?

Well, there is always a first time., No worries if you don’t have a work experience, concentrate more on your personal talent, skills, and capabilities, especially the ones relating to the job position you are seeking in

Question # 2

What should be written on the top of my resume? Qualification or personal information

Our writer’s expert opinion:

More often than not, first time resume writers are no-experienced fresh grads, hence, personal brand statement or well-crafted resume objectives will be absolutely fine. Personal information must be placed at the end of a resume.

Question # 3

Where should I put my education details, typically they are at the bottom but I feel as if there should be a better place for it as I don’t have a work experience?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

If you are an inexperienced candidate, the trick of the trade is to use it right after your resume objectives or brand statement in your student high school resume.

Question # 4

Should I include pre-secondary school information on my resume?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

A big NO! Anyhow, the exception applies since there are many positions that demands high school diploma. So if it is related, include it, otherwise no need to mention!

Question # 5

How many pages should my student job resume be?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

One paged resume is the rule of thumb but they can be changed if a person has tons of professional experience, which is not the case with you. Relevancy is the key criteria - if filling in the details help you in getting the job, then it’s the best way to go.

Question # 6

Should I send anything else with my resume? Cover letter or something

Our writer’s expert opinion:

Yes, cover letters is an ace towards winning a job interview call. Keep the letter to one page and make sure the information given in it is consistent with your resume.

Question # 7

Should I include a list of references with my resume?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

Usually, it is mentioned in the job position if they require references, but when it isn’t, it is advisable to include an end note saying,“References furnished on request”. There are certain job positions, like modeling, where it is understood that the candidate will bring references with him or her.

Question # 8

What essential personal information should I include?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

This includes your name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses. No need to give extra information.

Question # 9

Is it ok to use a resume template?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

No, templates are used by thousands of other candidates and you never know which format suits your resume since there are many types of resume formats, including chronological, functional, and hybrid. Therefore, whilewriting a resume for a student, you will get totally confused.

Question # 10

Should I include my picture in the resume?

Our writer’s expert opinion:

Unless it is specifically asked for or when it is completely understood to include one, such as in the case of modeling, acting, newscaster etc., we won’t recommend incorporating it.

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