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Which is the best resume format for me?

Chronological, Functional OR Mixed?  Which Resume Format Is Right For You?
This is what happens mostly…

You Sit Down With A Book Of Resume Writing Samples With Guide On How To Format A Resume, Hoping To Be Guided By Them As You Write Your Own. In The Next Few Seconds, You Realize That Every Resume Has A Different Format & Style… May Be Resume Writing Doesn’t Seem To Be As Easy As You First Thought!

Question: With All These Choices In Hand, How Will You Decide The Best Resume Format For You?

Find All The Answers Here!

The Reverse Chronological Resume

Is it for you?

It is a good resume format for you if you are a job-seeker with a strong, solid work history and seeking a position in the same field.

What is it?

It is one of the most used and traditional resume formats. It is appropriate when you are looking to make a logical step in your career.

What it does?

It manifests the work experience chronologically starting from the recent to backwards. It also emphasizes on the skills and accomplishments with each entry of work experience in the resume.

What do you do?

Connect the work experience with the targeted position as such the reader feels you are fit for the position plus demonstrate the logical progression towards your career goals or current objectives.

The Functional Skills Resume

Is it for you???

It is the correct resume format when one wants a career shift in one’s life or has been employed by a company for a very long period of time or returning to work after an extended period of time or just graduated from college or university.

What is it?

Functional resume emphasizes on skills and accomplishments in education. Skill areas including writing, management, communication, and research are the main focus of this type of resume.

What does it do?

This simple resume format helps in covering up gaps on your resume and pulls up unrelated work experiences with each other.

What do you do?

Your personal skills and accomplishments are highlighted with details on how can you use and transfer your skills to other areas of work in this resume format.

The combination Chronological and Functional resume

Is It For You?

This job resume format is perfectly suitable for you if you want to give account of your career progression with focus on all the skills and capabilities you have gained through your work experience.

What is it?

Overall it combines the features of the chronological resume with the functional one to create a greater impact on the reader.

What does it do?

It provides a clear, orderly, and properly-formatted view of your past accomplishments but does not categorize them.

What do you do?

You should organize the accomplishments, both past and present by function, and draw your volunteer & internship experiences.

Whatever format you go for, word for resume format depends on your experience, education and job position you are seeking.

That’s it! All three are there for you.Choose the one which suits your position and needs!

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