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Resume Objective ebook
  • Do you think that resume objectives are of no use since they take up a big space but are often over-looked because they say absolutely nothing?
  • Are you a sophomore in high school, seeking your first job, and confused whether including a resume objective in your resume would be a good idea?
  • Have you been applying for lots of different positions and don’t know how to write a generic resume objective?

A part of you says that resume objective is not working since you don’t know how to make one and a part of you says that it’s fine, there is something else haunting. So where does lie the problem? Technically speaking, there might be no problem in your résumé objectives but may be in the way it is presented.
The latest trend is to make advance the strategic resume objective writing step up to the next level – personal branding statement or a leadership brand.

Let's do an analysis on both versions of the objective statement and see how personal branding statements can cover the dents of stereotypical objective statements.

Three Pitfalls of a Traditional Resume Objective Writing

Traditional resume objectives are sure to leave three huge dents to your precious first impression on potential employer & they are:

Dent # 1: 

Hiring managers are busy enough not to spend hours in
reading a single statement.

“What’s in for me" or WIFM statements are commonly found on various resumes that lessens the probability of getting hired to a great degree.  Instead of WIFM, employers care about WIFT – what’s in for them? They want solutions to their company problems instead of your personal advertisement.

Dent # 2: 

Why would a hiring manager give a second glance at the resume objective
that isn’t meeting the job requirements

General skills are no longer considered by hiring managers, they rather prefer subject matter expertise. Traditional resume objectives are more towards general statements that were suited back in the days of paper resumes. For instance, leadership and management skills (commonly stated in resume objectives) are no longer one of the selection criteria but the skills that are more suited for the position definitely are one of them.

Dent # 3:

It takes as little as 15 seconds for a hiring manager to scan a resume, so
would that make a total of 5 seconds for a reader to scan the top ½ of the resume page?

Objective statements, the so called perfect ones, are assumed to be lengthy when a reader has only 5 seconds to spend. Think how this stereotypical resume objective will fail a reader to scan the second half of the first page.

Mend the Dents with Personal branding statements
(Shiny new version of traditional resume objectives

It’s a clear, concise, and a single-line sentence clearly identifying the job being sought and related subject matter expertise-- perhaps the most lovable toy of a hiring manager.

Mending the dent # 1:

It’s specific, targeted, focused, and meant to provide a solution to a company’s problem. By its very nature, personal brand statement lists the expertise that is needed by the head-hunters.

Mending the dent # 2:

Personal branding statements are not general, they are focused since they describe their subject matter expertise about the chosen employer’s problem.

Mending the dent # 3:

Personal branding statements are a single-line sentence as oppose to lengthy traditional resume objectives. Personal statements allow a job seeker to focus the employer’s attention to his past accomplishments, jobs, and the value it served to the organization.

Wondering how to build a personal brand statement?

This eBook has all the secrets it takes to build a sturdy personal brand statement. So just give in your name and email address and we will deliver this eBook straight to your inbox. The eBook also include other important topics like..

-      A look into the purpose of writing a resume objectives and its importance in a resume.
-     Significant differences between a profile and a resume.
-     Various types of traditional resume objectives that were worn by resumes ages ago.
-     Personal branding statements and what they are made of
-     How has personal branding changed the way of traditional resume packaging?


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