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Resume Evaluation Service

95% Of You (The Job Candidates) Make Fatal Errors In Writing Your Resume.
The Result? The Resumes Are Thrown In The Trash!

It’s Time To Download A Resume Evaluations Form, For Free, To Track Where Your Hard Work Is Being Undone!

The condition is very serious when…

  1. Your resume fails to draw interest and win interview calls for you and you are searching for free resume evaluation criteria to check what is wrong with it.
  2. You are in a job search mode for more than 6 months
  3. Your pocket and bank account have already emptied
  4. You are unable to meet your financial obligations

Latest research has shown that out of every hundred resumes, only 5 percent make their way to the interview table. 80% contain errors including missing skills, spelling and grammatical mistakes, unorganized content, and, most of all, formatting errors. The remaining 15% are not able to convince the employers

To convince them, you need to assess your resume.

Here, free resume evaluation sheet can help you to….

  1. Trace out the flaws of yours that you couldn’t see in the first look.
  2. Help you assess your resume from your employer’s perspective
  3. Prevent Your Resume From Being Rejected By Your Future Boss!

And Thus, Make You A Part Of Those 5% Job Candidates

Time and tide wait for none, so grab this limited-time offer of free evaluation, now. Just give in your name and email address and the free resume evaluation form will directly land in your inbox.

Learn the Secrets Of Writing A Perfect Resume.

Resume evaluation sheet will give you:

First name:
Email address:
  • Checklist to find out if every required
    information is there
  • 10 seconds resume scanning test especially conducted by the recruiters through email
  • Checklist to ensure there are no grammatical,
    formatting and logical errors left.

We hate spam as much as you do, so donít worry; we will respect
your privacy, you can trust us!

****Limited Time Offer****

You will receive your free resume evaluation results in 24 hours along with the free analysis of where it lacks through email. You can also provide us your contact number and we shall contact you and let you know about your resume evaluation results.

If you want, you can also provide us with the information regarding the industry and the post for which you intend to apply. It will further help us in your resume evaluation as, then, we will have a clear idea of the specific demands of that particular industry and, therefore, we would be in a much better position to analyze your resume.

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