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Find Out Whether Job Seekers Should Look for a Certified
Resume Writer or NOT…

At the risk of sounding evasive, the answer is, “It depends.”It really depends upon customers’ choice and more often than not customers are instinctive in their buying decisions, driven by their emotions rather by a solid rationale. 

We believe they should be properly informed (by professional resume writers’ services), if not educated, about how to hire an expert resume writer, particularly

  1. What key factors to consider when choosing the best resume writer’s service?
  2. Which information or sales hype to avoid?

While the above pointsare important for people seeking a resume writer, this article will ONLY focus on resume writing certification. Here we go…

1. No Overarching Authority:

There are at least four major organizations that certify resume writers. They are:

  1. Career Directors International (CDI)
  2. Career Masters Institute (CMI)
  3. Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC)
  4. National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA)

The problem is there's NO primary over-arching authority when it comes to "Resume-Writing Certification." When the quality of the certificate earned is neither regulated nor standardized, it can give scammers and looters a great loophole to earn easy money.

2. Only The Opinion of The Company:

Certifications are purely the outcome of reviews  by other certified resume writers. Ultimately, who cares what other certified expert resume writers think? It's whether the resume is getting the attention and interviews that matter.

3. Low-Bar Exams:

To be frank, some of the resume-writing certificates awarding websites are money driven, not quality driven. When you pay the fee and turn in the test, you succeed (assuming you actually attempt the test and aren't illiterate). The bar for certain exams just isn't high enough, and you'll find others in the resume-writing community who feel the same.  

The other important aspect is the course contents. If you go through their course contents, there isn’t anything you cannot find on the Internet for free or in few dollars books.

4. Certification Alone is Not an Indication of Expertise:

Have you ever got or been denied a job for having or not having specific certification?  Your job history and accomplishments should have been more important. Although having the resume writer certification may appeal to some clients, it alone is not an indication of resume writers’ level of expertise or the quality of writing.  Some people fancy professionals with credentials and others look for industry experience.

We are NOT Certified and Don’t Need To!

We have been writing résumés for past few years and have not yet got the piece of paper but never had problems attracting clients because we produce results, that is getting the attention and winning interviews for our clients. We strongly believe that credentials are not always what they're cracked up to be. If you are driven and effective, word of mouth alone will get you referrals ...especially in this economy.


 “Many potential client of resume writer services think that because resume writers are "certified", this guarantees high quality. Not true.”

One limitation is that the skill levels of resume writer vary dramatically. As a job seeker looking to hire a resume writer, you should not place primary emphasis on “certification”.  You have to look for the resume writer who can…

  1. Identify and rectify the specific resume problem 
  2. Make sure you stand out from the crowd
  3. Help you show the total value you can bring to an employer’s table.
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