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Resume, CV & Cover Letter Services

Does your heart skip a beat every time you hear the phone-ring, only to find out it's from mom or dad or your friend,NOT from the potential employer you gave interview 2 weeks ago?

  1. Do you keep checking your cell phone every now and then to make sure itís working fine and is not out of batteries so nothing could stop you from getting in touch with your potential employer?
  2. Do you keep on searching for signs of weakness or discord in the resume, cover letter, or job application you forwarded as you wait impatiently for that dreaded job interview call?
  3. Are thoughts of calling your interviewer firm to show interest creeping in but you donít want to look too desperate, or worse, annoying?
  4. Do you get overly excited to see an unread message in your email, only to find out that it’s some dumb job board sending job recommendations?

Well, whatever you’ve been going through, one thing is for sure and that is your marketing tools (resume & cover letter) are not delivering the results, or at least the magnitude of results you want them to deliver.

A great resume will take as little as 10 seconds to impress a reader.

If you think your writing skills can’t do that, then you definitely need professional resume services. We offer…

  1. Resume services
  2. Cover letter service
  3. CV services
  4. LinkedIn Profile development

Whether you are looking for online resume writing service or want to edit your current CV or want to get a cover letter to accompany your CV, our best resume service will do it all for you. Remember itís not about hiring a cheap resume service but a frugal or affordable one. Just look down our range of services and see which one you would like to go for.


(Writing, Editing, and Critique)
Experts resume and CV writing, editing, and critique services.

  1. Get your resume or CV written from scratch
  2. Edit or overhaul your resume or CV
  3. Receive critique commentary on your current resume or CV

Cover Letter

(Writing, Editing and Critique)
Offer a complete introduction to your potential employers with a cover letter to accompany your Resume.

  1. Writing, editing, and critique of cover letter
  2. Also thank you, acceptance and declination letters, and KSAs.

LinkedIn Profile

A professionally written LinkedIn profile will make the hiring manager interested in you rather than the other way round.

Increase your chances of getting hired exponentially by getting shortlisted for unadvertised jobs on LinkedIn.

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