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What, When, Why & How To Write My First Ever Cover Letter For My First Ever Job Application?

First-Time Job, First-Time Resume And, Thus, A First-Time Cover Letter

As a college student, drafting a graduate student cover letter might get on your nerves since you are a no-experience candidate and education is likely to be varied at this point in time!

Other problems that you may encounter at this stage….

  1. You are not sure whom should you greet out to in your cover letter, to the manager, To Whom It May Concern or what.
  2. You don’t know if it is a good idea to mention your qualification, skills, and abilities in your cover letter, too,when they are already mentioned in your resume
  3. You are confused whether to create a single cover letter for, all the positions you are applying for or to create a pile of letters

Offshoot:  You leave the idea of writing a college student cover letter

But do you know??

Within 48 Hours Your Fate Can Take A Turn And Your Phone Can Start Ringing Just Because Of An Immaculately Written Cover Letter!

Let's see how to write a student cover letter

Read, before you write!

  1. Find out what the company is about, its mission statement, services, customer base, history etc.
  2. Read about the job description
  3. Find the name of HR manager, interviewers or the department head you want to work under.

1. Format the heading elements:

Write your address exactly one inch down the top in the left hand corner of the page. Skip down four lines to enter the present date and, then, skip down four lines again to enter the contact person’s name, and, then, write the name & address of the company.

2. Body of the letter:

The longer the body of your high school cover letter, the higher the chances that your would-be boss will get bored. Make it of maximum three paragraphs.

First Para:

State why you are writing to them and the job position you are seeking. Cut off the unnecessary crap. The opening should hook the reader till the end. If you are writing an inquiry letter, then make sure you specify the reasons of working with them in future.

Seconds Para:

In the second paragraph, mention your qualities & qualifications associated with the job you are applying for. Make solid points backed up with sturdy examples to convince the employer.

Third Para:

In the third (The last Para), include solid statements to make the employer take action. Mention your availability for the interview so, if they are positive, they can have a scheduled meeting with you to discuss the job position in detail.

3. Conclusion:

Conclude the letter with “Yours Sincerely” only if you know the name of the interviewer or use “Yours Faithfully” if you have used dear sir/madam on the top.

You are done with your first ever student cover letter for job!

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