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Are you a victim of any of the problems mentioned below?

  • You desperately need a job, all free bogus cv writing templates have failed you, you have no idea  how a cv and a resume are different, and you have no idea how you would ever be able to secure a job for yourself?
  • You are applying for a summer job but your student cv that shows no experience and an average academic record only make your employer skeptical of giving you even one chance to prove yourself?
  • You are a graduate student whose Self-written student cv often suffers from the fate of being dumped by the recruiters because you have no idea how to properly construct an effective Student Cv that highlights your relevant skills for the job applied for?
  • You are terribly confused and don’t know anything about CV writing, different formats of CV and what to write in your student CV with your 10 liner student CV just listing your education isn’t getting you any interview calls let alone a job?
  • You are suffering from the catastrophe of placing your fate and career into the hands of a substandard cv typing service instead of getting a Student Cv professionally written which is the reason why you neither get summer jobs nor internship opportunities?


  • What if you could instantly win undivided attention of several renowned large companies offering you an unbelievable job opportunity and internship within a week all due to only one Cleverly crafted Student cv?

  • Imagine saving yourself a lot of time, effort, trouble and cash that you can now easily squander away since you were smart enough to get your Student CV designed by professionals that won you an instant response and a highly fulfilling career opportunity along with hefty remuneration !

And while you enjoy the privileges you also happen to be the subject of everyone’s admiration and envy !

No! this is not a fantasy. Our professional Student CV writing services have been working our magic to make the dream jobs, internships and admissions a reality for many people. Our valuable free advice and help has helped many earn million dollar jobs they only fantasized about!

Why is a Student CV important?

The acronym cv stands for a Latin phrase, ‘Curriculum Vitae’, which means ‘the course of your life’ which is why many people are misled to believe that it is supposed to be a detailed account of your life. Although it’s recommended to keep your student cv as relevant and concise as possible. One of the hardest tasks the students have to go through is creating their Student CV that clearly represents them.

  • What should be on top of every student’s job hunting to do list is to create a powerful Student CV that will catch your employer’s eye and ascertain your chances of an interview.
  • Once, your employer is impressed he is likely to be biased and ignore the little flaws your interview might suffer from.
  • Today’s job market is highly competitive. To make an impression your Student CV has to be well-written and professionally presented. It is suppose to recommend you in your absence:

A national daily paper reported that one company advertising a vacancy receives over 150 (sometimes 200 and even more) CVs of college students for one job opening !

Would you really want to hand a potential employer a badly written, unprofessional CV that does not adequately present your skills and qualifications? (Wait don't answer that - it's a rhetorical question.)

Who are we you may ask?

  • is a renowned and highly professional cv writing service dedicated to our clients' career development catering to the career-oriented job seekers around the globe.
  • Our staffs of seasoned professionals are highly trained and motivated educationist and professionals who through their dedicated work have created thousands of jobs worldwide through their talent of creating aspiring cover letters.
  • Our quality of work speaks for it self. We don't have to recommend ourselves or our cv writing service -our outstanding work does - on its own.
  • Our cv writing services have benefited many people around the world and the list of our accomplishments keeps adding by each second. Formerly known as A Hire Image, Leading Edge Resumes & Career Services is recognized worldwide.
  • You can find us for your help just a step away all you have to do is e-mail us to get your dream job through our custom designed guaranteed interview winning resume!

Get Free 

Student CV sample !

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Types and styles of c.v.

  • Most students unaware of the market trends are also ignorant of the major types of cvs there are. Understanding different style and kinds of curriculum vitae is very important in order to reflect your understanding of the field, career orientation and level of professionalism.
  • It is important to understand the genre’ that will suit you the most according your professional experience, background, the field you are working in and the current market trends. Always choose wisely!
  • To read more and understand the different kinds, types and styles of cvs check out our CV writing service page

What's there in for you?

  • You want respect, you want an amazingly high remuneration job that you should have got by now, and you want to live your dream. WE can make all that possible by making one grand change in your life, changing your image maximizing your impression. Giving you and your cv whether you are a fresher at entry level, professional or executive-a complete renovation that guarantees your employer's attention!
  • You want a highly successful career and CV writing service helps you get one!
  • You can tap in to our provided online resume writing resources absolutely free of charge. Check out our free Student CV sample and get your very own Student cv Sample sample from our CV sample page.
  • Our professional help enables thousands of people to win aspiring careers.

Get your Student CV sample and 3 custom design, field oriented, Student CV objectives absolutely free (on placing your order right away !-limited time offer)

All you have to do is provide us with your email and bingo you will find free 3 top Student Cv objectives (field oriented) to choose form for you resume!

How to

 write a Student CV that gives you an edge over others?

  • Most of the school, sophomore, and undergraduate college students find it difficult to get a good career opportunity, an impressive internship or a part time job owing to their lack of experience.
  • They are left up with no choice but to spend a substantial amount of time in the field to get an opportunity or wait for months for any interview calls
  • Our online-resume-writing team members having the knowledge of the employment procedure know what it takes to stand out amongst the 10,000 other undergraduates who have applied for the same post. Here are some juicy tips that will definitely make your Student CV stand out and ascertain your chances of an interview:

1. Impressive CV objective:
  • Since your Student CV lacks experience your focused undergraduate CV objective will provide you a strong opportunity to hold your employees attention. Write a powerful resume objective to reflect your career goals, understanding of the position applied for and put forward a professional impact
  • An impressive objective is very likely to hold on your employers attention on your Student Cv till the very end, which otherwise would have only been skimmed through in 20 seconds.

2. Powerful personal profile:
  • A strong personal profile empowers you to make your self more evident than the other applicants. Don’t use clichés that your employer will automatically ignore. Make use of those powerful five lines to sell your skills and experience
  • Make it concise, easy to read and yet highly impressive at the same time
  • Highlight your personal qualities briefly that make you suitable for the job.

3. Advertise your self amply
  • Since you lack experience therefore there is a strong need to advertise your self amply and subtly. This can be done through enumerating significant academic or non-academic honors or related and activities to make your Student CV worth noticing.
  • Articulate and mention your extra curricular activities skillfully that can demonstrate your capability to work as a team member, leader and on individual basis
  • Note that employers mostly look for students who are active student leaders since

    "Co-curricular engagement, particularly internships, provides an opportunity for you to connect with professionals in the field and demonstrate your talent. According to the National Association of College and Employers, 66% of inters were offered full-time employment in 2007. Even if a permanent position is not available, you are still able to share your career goals with your supervisors who can then network on your behalf"

    "In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of College and Employers, employers identified communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills as some of the top qualities they look for in new graduates. These are exactly the skills that are developed through many co-curricular experiences"

  • You can highlight job duties, one at a time, from past jobs and from campus involvement, etc. From these duties, identify what transferable skills you developed and write these in the middle column of the worksheet. Remember, typically an employer doesn't want to know what you did for someone else rather what you can do for his/her organization.

4. Mention relevant Internships
  • Another way of making your rather deflated and empty resume is to mention your responsibilities there in and the companies where you served as an internee
  • Most of the students when writing their Student cv are immensely baffled and confused about whether mentioning internships or any part time job history is going to benefit their image or show their lack of career orientation
  • Eventually they either don’t mention the internships or are too reluctant to speak of their part time job work experience which can otherwise benefit them.
  • Mentioning internships is definitely a very easy way of recommending yourself for any job of trust since you have worked in the field earlier and definitely have an advantage over the fresh starters with only primitive or theoretical knowledge of the field. you can place your internships in a vantage position to highlight your strengths and experience of holding a position of responsibility
  • It can include any accomplishments that demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities including:

  1. Part-time employment or work study
  2. Study abroad
  3. Undergraduate research
  4. Special interest or professional organizations
  5. Community service or volunteer work

  • Include scholarships, honors, organizations, and memberships.
  • Community work, volunteer work, is also appropriate to list here.
  • You don't have to include everything you've been involved with if it is overwhelming. Keep your goal in mind (getting that interview) and give enough information to allow the reader (i.e., potential employer) what s/he needs to make that decision.

5. Highlight your strengths
  • While you are at mentioning your extra curricular activities and internship record you can also squeeze in your USP (unique selling point) i.e. a quality or set of qualities and skills that make you unique for e.g. you can work under pressure etc
  • Though avoid adding irrelevant details as it may turn out the be the biggest turn off for your employer.

6. Use action words
  • To add substance to your resume use action words related to the job description
  • You need to scan the advertisement of the job placement in order to do it. Look for the Key word in the job advertisement and use the action words relevant to it
  • Though do not lie or exaggerate. Do not pretend to possess a quality or skill that you don’t even know exists.

7. Wisely choose Interests and Hobbies to cite
  • Usually when citing hobbies and interests people are too lax to make any amendments to the section pertaining to the job applied for. There is a good reason why this section exists in the CV
  • Your interests and hobbies section reflect the personality traits that an employer want or do not want in his or her potential employee
  • Just quote the relevant ones instead of enumerating every single recreational activity you engage in. It does not look so good on a professional CV and clearly gives an impression of your dedication to pleasure than work

8. Focus on your maturity rather than ambition:
  • When we say employ power words we don’t necessarily mean to punch in lines like “I am passionate and ambitious”
  • This is a red flag. Employers usually look for mature students who can be relied upon with any job of trust and not just highly emotional or passionate students flamboyantly claiming to win over the world
  • There fore while articulating your Student CV remember to sound mature by not over doing your accomplishment section and personal profile with superlatives.

9. Restrain from the most deadly crime: grammar/primitive spelling mistakes:
  • There is nothing more deadly than to be lax about the grammar and English employed in your Student CV.
  • It’s important to display your good communication skills when writing a Student cv. There is nothing more impressive and recommending than a well written Student CV that shows how professional you can be.

  • Three out of four (76 percent) executives interviewed said just one or two typos and grammatical mistake in a resume would remove applicants from consideration for a job; 40 percent said it takes only one typo or grammatical mistake to rule candidates out.

  • If your student cv suffers from language flaws seek professional help of a good cv writing service instead of putting up an impression of being an immature incapable college student. Your inadequate linguistic skills will make your employer doubt the rest of the achievements you mention or the information you provide on your professional CV
  • If you can’t do it crisply it’s recommended that you take help of a professional cv writing service so that your chances increase by hundred percent. All you have to do is Click here to get it all done in a snap!
  • Also, It’s very important to spell check your Student CV before submission. A grammatical or spelling mistake stands out as the most voted put off for the employers. A spelling mistake can ruin credibility of even a million dollar advertisement.

Check out top 10 Outrageous spelling and grammatical mistakes in student cvs and resume chosen by our online resume writing team on Undergraduate Resume page

10. Looks do matter
  • Work on the presentation of your student CV. A handwritten or badly typed Student CV is the first thing reflecting your carelessness, lack of work ethics, interest in the job and lack of responsibility and maturity
  • You need to work on the overall appearance of your cv as well by get it printed on a high quality paper with high quality ink
  • Also Proof read very carefully for any formatting, lining, spacing or typo errors.

    48% of hiring managers say they will not even consider a resume or cover letter with typos or errors

  • Try our highly effective proof reading tips on student cover letter page (redirect Student cover letter page)

On Custom Request:

Our professional help enables thousands of people to win aspiring careers.

Benefit from our free resources and all the three kinds of cv samples:

  • Student cv sample
  • Executive Cv sample
  • and Professional CV sample

How? Just browse down to the end of the page and get them right away!

How can we help?

  • We have been writing cvs professionally over the term of years, mastering every genre’ of CV writing we know how to pull your employer’s strings. Also, we know our clients and their needs.
  • We understand the psyche of your employer as our writers keep updating themselves through research so we know all the dos and don’ts of the employment procedure.

Wise choice!

Remember the saying that there are few things that experience teaches you well we call it trial and error which should so set you apart from others. Why commit mistakes that others have been doing all this while? Save your time and money and Get the best flawless cv writing service that guarantees results and that you truly deserve !

Save time-jump on the ladder of success!

To save time and to climb the ladder of success through leaps and bounds one has to learn from some one who has been there and done that. Make a wiser choice by trusting seasoned professionals with something so life determining as your career.

How to 
choose a professional cv writing service

How much will it cost you if you write your own cv?

    It can cost you your job or your dream opportunity!
  • Many people enlist everything in their cvs which usually wavers away an employer’s interest who is scanning your cv within 10 seconds
  • Most employers will skip the beginning of the CV, briefly read the middle, and read the last paragraphs. Do not have a CV over 2 pages – If you have a long Curriculum Vitae, an employer will not take the time to read every word you have written.
  • The best way to get your CV to have a positive impact on potential employers is to have it professionally written with the best of many CV formats that will highlight your skills, qualifications, and education for the desired position.
  • For those just graduating, as those wishing to change careers this can be a huge task. A professional Curriculum Vitae writer has the knowledge and expertise to write your CV and will draw attention to you as possibly the best person for the job vacancy.

Why choose a Professional CV writing service?

  • Don’t go for the lowest prices:

Since most expensive CV writing service doesn’t guarantee the best quality resume writing not the cheapest one can do your job, it’s important that one should not be misguided by their appealing ‘cheap and best’ slogans.

It’s the not the cost, whether it’s highest or cheapest, but the quality of your resume that matters. What is the use of such resume if it’s not able to land you that new job?  So, get the best CV writing service and don’t go for price.

  • See their example CVs:

An experienced CV writing professional must be able to show his work. An experienced resume writer will have many sample CVs as a proof of his/her CV layout and writing experience.

  • Personalized services:

 Find whether your CV writing professional is friendly enough to understand you and your needs so that he will be able to address those aspects in your resume such as strengths, weaknesses etc.

How to choose a professional cv writing service?

  • Since the quality of your CV will determine your further course of career; hiring just any CV writer will not do. Only an experienced CV writing professional can meet your dreams of that rewarding career.
  • Researching and finding a best CV writing service can be a time consuming task. To get that perfect CV, only a professional CV writer with many years of experience is able to give your CV impact. So, how do you find a perfect CV writing service?
  • This is how to go about searching for the best CV writing service:


  • Compare the prices:
  • Highest priced service is not the best always: It may be appealing to pick the cheapest but the most important aspect is to remember that it not the cost but the quality of your CV that matters.

  • Ask for proof:
  • It’s a must if you want an impressive CV to be written. Generally, an experienced CV writing expert will have example CVs as a proof of his expertise.

  • Personalized service and relationships:
  • See if your CV writer is paying personal attention to understand your strengths, weak points, and needs.

Why trust us?

Publications & Recognition

We have following publications to our credit:

  • Expert Resumes for Computer & Web Jobs
  • Expert Resumes for Teachers & Educators
  • Expert Resumes for Manufacturing Industry Professionals
  • Expert Resumes for Managers & Executives
  • Expert Resumes for Healthcare Professionals
  • Best College Resumes — Jump-Start Your Career
  • America's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs
  • Cover Letter Magic
  • And Resume Maker 2002, 2003 and 2004.



We guarantee that you will receive an interview call in 30 days or else its free CV re-writing service from our side.


We assure you that our quality work will for sure give you 100% satisfaction. We work hard to make sure that the output you get is exactly how you desired.


Incase you find that your original draft is not as you desired then don’t worry. Your money is not wasted. We will modify it in accordance with your needs so that you get your desired thank you letter format.


We provide you the opportunity to consult us at any point in time as you feel like. Our customer service panel is always there to help you out.


We guarantee that your CV will be custom made that fills your requirements. We are not one of those that just change the name and background color from one letter to other and earn profit at other’s expense.


We assure you that your information is in safe hands. We are a certified company that respects the privacy of their clients. There is no chance what so ever of your information being passed on to any one else.


We have Certified Professional cover letter and Resume Writers with more than 25 years of resume writing experience. We had teamed with more than a 2,000 clients worldwide, providing them with leading-edge career marketing tools and strategies.


We have with us a group of highly experienced and professional writers from all corners of the world. They come from different industries and hence we are able to serve you in the best possible manner be it any industry.


Why Order Now?

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